About Us

Ofc Society is a team of specialists, dedicated to providing exceptional services for our clients.
Originally founded as a boutique concierge service, we have responded to demand and expanded into a luxury lifestyle management and consultancy service, built on the same core principles.

Today, Ofc Society is a social club, connecting members through events and exciting opportunities.


We pride ourselves on our hands-on approach: our partners are actively involved across all our areas of operation, so we remain committed to our vision. 

Together, our services are extensive and varied: from corporate events planning to fine arts advisory, personal concierge assistance to educational consultancy— all our work is united by our desire to help our members thrive, whatever their goals. 


Our Story

Ofc Society started its journey in 2020 as a premium concierge service. We realised the challenges faced by foreign athletes when relocating to Türkiye, constructing their lives in a new country while managing a packed schedule. 


Our co-founders, Ekin Tağal Güler and Natalija Miladinovic Vesely, combined their marketing and corporate expertise, as well as a deep connection to the sports community, to create an impactful solution. 


Ofc Society was founded to help newcomers establish their lifestyles, providing luxury services and dedicated assistance. 


As our expertise and contacts grew, we realised that the demand for lifestyle management stretched far beyond the world of sports.


Ofc Society now provides wide-ranging services to individual and corporate clients, run by a team of dedicated specialists committed to solving problems, providing new opportunities and making memories for our members. 


We are now pleased to welcome a new partner to our family, who brings with her many years of corporate experience and perceptive insights.


Our Mission

At Ofc Society, our aim is to provide a support base and community for members with high standards and busy lives. 


We strive to provide top-level assistance for all our clients’ needs, wants, and desires— to make life easy. 


By building up personal relationship with clients, we provide comprehensive assistance across a uniquely wide range of areas, to save them time, and offer more carefully individualised services.  

We specialise in forming successful partnerships with both international and local pioneering brands. As an Istanbul-based company, we offer clients access to our strong network of business partners in Istanbul, Bodrum, and elsewhere. 


Our extensive expertise, means that our clients can come to us for anything, in the knowledge that they are receiving an unmatched, individualised service. 


Our Values

We take great pride in adhering to our founding values, which have guided the growth of Ofc Society. 


Excellence: Ofc Society strives for excellence. We consistently provide the highest quality services to our members, and take great pleasure in exceeding their expectations. 

Constancy: We are always there for our members, no matter their request. From our 24/7 services for corporate clients, to our dedicated application to the smallest of requests, Ofc Society can be relied upon to provide support whenever you need it. 

Discretion: We keep all our members’ information strictly confidential, and sensitively respond to any preferences they may have. 


Originality: Through our extensive network of partners and contacts, Ofc Society offers its members exclusive experiences and opportunities. We know that every client has unique requirements, and get a kick out of thinking creatively to solve problems and provide the most special experiences. 

Ekin Tağal Güler

Founder of Ofc