Our References

These are our references.

Anonymous Athlete

I have been a member of Ofc society and I am very satisfied with their services. They are always attentive, responsive and professional. They have helped me with everything from booking flights and hotels, to arranging personal shopping and spa sessions. They have also given me access to exclusive events and experiences that I would not have otherwise. Ofc society is more than just a concierge service, it is a lifestyle partner that makes my life easier and more enjoyable.

Anonymous Member

Ofc society is the best thing that ever happened to me. They have made my relocation to Istanbul so smooth and hassle-free. They took care of everything from finding me a suitable apartment, to setting up utilities and internet, to hiring a maid and a driver. They also helped me with getting to know the city, the culture and the people. They are always available and ready to assist me with any request or problem. I feel like I have a family here, thanks to Ofc society.