Privacy Policy

I have read and understood the Commercial Electronic Message Disclosure Text presented to my knowledge by OFC Concierge Tourism Service Consultancy and Trade Joint Stock Company (“Company”).

Within the limits of the Disclosure Text; I give my explicit consent for the Company to send commercial electronic messages over the contact information I provided, limited to the purposes of conducting advertising / campaign / promotion processes, conducting product / service marketing processes, conducting marketing analysis studies, conducting communication activities, and for my data to be transferred to intermediary service providers and the Company’s suppliers for this sending to be made.

Commercial electronic message sending will not be made in any way without your explicit consent. The decision on this matter is entirely at your discretion and no pressure is being put on you in this regard. Your choice will not lead to any negativity in your relationship with us.

If you do not have explicit consent for the sending of commercial electronic messages to you, you can always reach developments and events related to our Company from our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram accounts and our website.