For Kids.

Ofc Society’s personalised education services elucidate the intricacies of international educational systems. Our professionals assist students at every stage of their study, maximising their potential. 

Ofc Society offers advisory services for students of all ages. We can help you navigate the complex global education world. We set students up for life with our student-focused strategy, which provides individualised advice and support to maximise their potential. 

Private Tutoring.

Providing private tutoring advicies to boost students’ confidence and assist them in realising their full potential, while developing their skills for examinations and beyond. Tutors can provide an individualised approach to learning and one-on-one care. 

Our diverse tutor-base work with students from preschool age through to their early adulthood, and are knowledgeable about international educational systems. We tailor educational plans to the needs of each student, to guarantee superior results. 


We can collect datas to offer parents insights into educational systems and guidance on learning paths. We assist with applications and admissions from early childhood learning  programmes through to higher education, supporting students and their families every step of the way. 

We take into account personal goals and individual strengths to provide individualised educational paths. 

Additional Support.

Ofc Society also provides a range of additional academic advices. We offer complete support depending on the changing, individual needs of your child with collecting beneficial datas from the experts. 

Reports from educational psychologists, counselling for self-confidence, and learning techniques are only a few of the services we can provide. These are areas which school do not typically cover, but are important for helping young people realise their potential. 


Let us find the best educational opportunities for your child!
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